Source code for resdk.resources.process

"""Process resource."""

import logging

from .base import BaseResolweResource
from .utils import _print_input_line

[docs]class Process(BaseResolweResource): """Resolwe Process resource. :param resolwe: Resolwe instance :type resolwe: Resolwe object :param model_data: Resource model data """ endpoint = "process" READ_ONLY_FIELDS = BaseResolweResource.READ_ONLY_FIELDS + ("is_active",) UPDATE_PROTECTED_FIELDS = BaseResolweResource.UPDATE_PROTECTED_FIELDS + ( "category", "data_name", "description", "entity_always_create", "entity_descriptor_schema", "entity_input", "entity_type", "input_schema", "output_schema", "persistence", "requirements", "run", "scheduling_class", "type", ) all_permissions = ["none", "view", "share", "owner"] def __init__(self, resolwe, **model_data): """Initialize attributes.""" self.logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) self.data_name = None """ the default name of data object using this process. When data object is created you can assign a name to it. But if you don't, the name of data object is determined from this field. The field is a expression which can take values of other fields. """ #: the type of process ``"type:sub_type:sub_sub_type:..."`` self.type = None #: entity_always_create self.entity_always_create = None #: entity_descriptor_schema self.entity_descriptor_schema = None #: entity_input self.entity_input = None #: entity_type self.entity_type = None #: used to group processes in a GUI. Examples: ``upload:``, ``analyses:variants:``, ... self.category = None self.persistence = None """ Measure of how important is to keep the process outputs when optimizing disk usage. Options: RAW/CACHED/TEMP. For processes, used on frontend use TEMP - the results of this processes can be quickly re-calculated any time. For upload processes use RAW - this data should never be deleted, since it cannot be re-calculated. For analysis use CACHED - the results can stil be calculated from imported data but it can take time. """ #: process priority - not used yet self.priority = None #: process description self.description = None #: specifications of inputs self.input_schema = None #: specification of outputs self.output_schema = None #: the heart of process - here the algorithm is defined. = None #: required Docker image, amount of memory / CPU ... self.requirements = None #: Scheduling class self.scheduling_class = None #: Boolean stating wether process is active self.is_active = None super().__init__(resolwe, **model_data)
[docs] def print_inputs(self): """Pretty print input_schema.""" _print_input_line(self.input_schema, 0)