Resolwe SDK for Python

Resolwe SDK for Python supports interaction with Genialis Server. Genialis Server is based on Resolwe workflow engine and its plugin Resolwe Bioinformatics. You can use it to upload and inspect biomedical data sets, contribute annotations and run analysis.


Install from PyPI:

pip install resdk

If you would like to contribute to the SDK code base, follow the installation steps for developers.

Usage example

We will download a sample containing raw sequencing reads that were aligned to a genome:

import resdk

# Create a Resolwe object to interact with the server
res = resdk.Resolwe(url='')

# Enable verbose logging to standard output

# Get sample meta-data from the server
sample = res.sample.get('resdk-example')

# Download files associated with the sample

Multiple files (fastq, fastQC report, bam, bai…) have downloaded to the working directory. Check them out. To learn more about the Resolwe SDK continue with Tutorials.

If you have problems connecting to our server, please contact us at