Source code for resdk.tables.methylation

""".. Ignore pydocstyle D400.


.. autoclass:: MethylationTables

    .. automethod:: __init__


from functools import lru_cache
from typing import Callable, Optional

import pandas as pd

from resdk.resources import Collection

from .base import BaseTables


[docs]class MethylationTables(BaseTables): """A helper class to fetch collection's methylation and meta data. This class enables fetching given collection's data and returning it as tables which have samples in rows and methylation/metadata in columns. A simple example: .. code-block:: python # Get Collection object collection = res.collection.get("collection-slug") # Fetch collection methylation and metadata tables = MethylationTables(collection) meta = tables.meta beta = tables.beta m_values = tables.mval """ process_type = "data:methylation:" BETA = "betas" MVAL = "mvals" data_type_to_field_name = { BETA: "methylation_data", MVAL: "methylation_data", }
[docs] def __init__( self, collection: Collection, cache_dir: Optional[str] = None, progress_callable: Optional[Callable] = None, ): """Initialize class. :param collection: collection to use :param cache_dir: cache directory location, if not specified system specific cache directory is used :param progress_callable: custom callable that can be used to report progress. By default, progress is written to stderr with tqdm """ super().__init__(collection, cache_dir, progress_callable) self.probe_ids = [] # type: List[str]
@property @lru_cache() def beta(self) -> pd.DataFrame: """Return beta values table as a pandas DataFrame object.""" beta = self._load_fetch(self.BETA) self.probe_ids = beta.columns.tolist() return beta @property @lru_cache() def mval(self) -> pd.DataFrame: """Return m-values as a pandas DataFrame object.""" mval = self._load_fetch(self.MVAL) self.probe_ids = mval.columns.tolist() return mval def _download_qc(self) -> pd.DataFrame: """Download sample QC data and transform into table.""" return pd.DataFrame() def _parse_file(self, file_obj, sample_id, data_type): """Parse file object and return one DataFrame line.""" sample_data = pd.read_csv( file_obj, sep="\t", compression="gzip", usecols=["probe_ids", data_type], index_col="probe_ids", )[data_type] = sample_id return sample_data